New Moon Energy of 1/11/2024 and Twin Flames

The first new moon of 2024 occurs on 1/11/2024.

This is an important new moon for twin flames.

This new moon can affect your twin flame connection in a positive way as it’s deeply rooted in the number 11, a very powerful twin flame number. New moons are bring cycles, where we can focus our intention on things we want to bring into our lives.

So, if you’re in separation from your twin, or in a no contact situation, it’s possible the power of this 1/11 new moon can shift the energy between you. Some twin flames will open the lines of communication, or begin the reunion process, following this new moon.

New Moon Energy of 1/11/2024 and Twin Flames
New Moon Energy of 1/11/2024 and Twin Flames

The number 11 and 111 are significant for twin flames. But this day can be especially powerful when we break down the numbers into more simple terms.

1/11/2024 become 1+1+1+2+2+4 = 11.

This powerful new moon has 11s all over it!

In numerology, 11 is a master number. It indicates synchronicity and spiritual messages happening in our lives. The number 11 represents balance of both divine masculine and divine feminine energies, as 1 +1 = 2.

The number 111 is associated with unity and oneness. With this new moon energy of 1/11, you and your twin flame can move towards a deeper level of unity, understanding and oneness with each other.

The numbers 11 and 111 are associated with spiritual awakening, deepening intuition as well as a powerful time to manifest your dreams and desires into reality. The number 11 is also a gateway or portal that symbolizes the connection between the physical (3D) and spiritual (5D) realms. This portal can support a positive shift in your twin flame connection or new beginning for your twin flame journey.

New moon energy is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts and so are the numbers 11 and 1111.

Here are some ideas on how you can take advantage of the 1/11/24 new moon to enhance your twin flame connection:

1. Setting intentions for the new moon:

The new moon is the time for new beginnings and setting intentions for the coming month. But since this is the first new moon of the year, and one that comes with a powerful 111 portal, you can also set intentions for the year. If you’re in separation from your twin flame, take some quiet time to reflect on your connection. Be honest with yourself about what you need to work on within yourself to heal any past issues or traumas that might be impeding your twin flame union. Set positive intentions for your relationship with your twin. You may also set intentions for a new job, better health or gaining greater financial stability.

If you and your twin flame are union, you can set intentions for your relationship together. Figure out what you want to nurture in the coming months, whether it’s better communication, deeper understanding of your journey and purpose or stronger emotional intimacy.

2. Create a Vision Board:

The number 111 supports stronger manifestation of your thoughts and intentions into reality.  Create a vision board that positively represents your goals, dreams, and desires. These can be personal goals for yourself or for your twin flame relationship. Use images from magazines, etc., of happy couples who are loving with one another.

New Moon Energy of 1/11/2024 and Twin Flames
New Moon Energy of 1/11/2024 and Twin Flames

Write words on your vision board to reinforce your connection with your twin flame. Then place it somewhere in your living area to remind you of what you’re visualizing for your twin flame connection. The number 11 represents balance and harmony which can carry through to greater balance and harmony in your twin flame relationship.

3. Meditation:

Meditation can align your energy with your twin flame to strengthen your spiritual connection. Get into a quiet space, where you won’t be disturbed, and imagine your twin flame sitting in front of you. Imagine your chakras aligning with each other. Focus on sending love and positive energy to the, from your heart chakra to theirs, and visualize a harmonious future.

The new moon can amplify intuition so you may feel a stronger intuitive connection to your twin at this time. Be open to any messages that feel like they’re coming from your twin. Twin flames share a strong telepathic and empathic connection, even during times of separation. You may receive a message from the universe, or from your twin flame, that brings you greater peace and understanding of your twin flame journey.

4. Energy Clearing:

Many times, a twin flame connection can be challenging to your emotional well-being, especially during a separation phase. Holding on to any negative energy within your twin flame connection is not good for you or the connection.

New Moon Energy of 1/11/2024 and Twin Flames
New Moon Energy of 1/11/2024 and Twin Flames

Clear away negative energy in your living space and yourself to create a more positive environment for you and your twin flame connection. You can clear negative energy in your living space by smudging with sage. Place crystals, or other positive symbols, in your living space to raise the energy vibration of your home.

5. Journaling:

This is a good time to focus on your individual growth and self-reflection. Take some time to journal your thoughts and feelings about your twin flame journey and experiences. Write down everything you feel, both good and bad. Then take a moment to release any negative feelings you have toward your twin flame.

6. Get Out in Nature:

Spend time in nature during the new moon. Connect with the natural energy around you, whether it’s a walk in the moonlight or sitting under the stars. This can help you feel grounded, centered and balanced.

You don’t need to do all these things to take advantage of this powerful new moon energy. Pick several that resonate with you and use this 111 portal to create new beginnings for yourself and your twin flame connection.

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