Whey Were You Chosen to Be a Twin Flame?

Why were you chosen to be a twin flame? The truth is you chose this path. No higher power made the choice for you. You are on this path because you desired this journey the brings evolution and spiritual growth.

You’re not chosen to be a twin flame.

The twin flame journey is a path of ascension. It’s the path you choose because you’re seeking to ascend. This journey is one that will challenge you, transform you and ultimately help you rise to a higher level of consciousness and spiritual understanding. While it may not always be easy, the twin flame journey is a powerful opportunity to grow, learn and experience a deep love connection with the other half of your soul.

Twin flames choose their life path and all the challenges, obstacles and lessons they will face in this lifetime before incarnating. These experiences are specific to their individual and spiritual growth.

The ultimate goal is to accomplish these tasks with each other.

The primary goal of the twin flame journey is to find and embrace your authentic self and achieve union with your twin flame.  Encountering your twin flame can trigger a healing process that allows you to become your authentic self. Additionally, unresolved emotional wounds can block twin flames from experiencing unconditional love.

Whey Were You Chosen to Be a Twin Flame?
Whey Were You Chosen to Be a Twin Flame?

When someone meets their twin flame they’re confronted with a powerful mirror that reflects their deepest fears, insecurities and unresolved traumas. This can be a shocking and painful experience, but it also opens the door to a spiritual journey that will lead them back to their true essence, their authentic self.

Inner work and spiritual growth are part of every twin flame connection that promote healing.

Inner work helps twin flames address underlying issues and traumas. The healing process is important for twin flames to be ready to fulfill their twin flame purpose. Through personal and spiritual growth, twin flames can realize their full potential and embrace their destiny. This will create a deeper connection with their divine counterpart.

You and your twin flame have incarnated in many lifetimes. Before coming to Earth, you both agree to have experiences with each other to support your personal and spiritual growth. You agree to these lessons in the soul contract between you and your twin flame. This soul contract is important to understand what you must each learn to progress on your spiritual journey.

Some twin flames who gain spiritual awakening while being in twin flame union.

Unfortunately, most twin flames must go through twin flame separation, as hard as it may be, to initiate their spiritual awakening. This often triggers a dark night of the soul and the only way to handle a dark night is to go through it. This is where the spiritual growth and awareness usually occurs as you reach for the light and union with the Divine.

This is where the miracle of transformation and awakening happens.

You can gain comfort in knowing you’re never alone on your journey. The universe, your angels and guides are always present to assist and guide you. You will receive signs and synchronicities to to let you know you’re exactly where you need to be.

The twin flame journey can be difficult. It requires strength, patience and perseverance. You have chosen this path for the spiritual growth and awakening it brings to your life. Embrace your choice and trust you have what it takes to navigate this powerful connection.


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  1. Will save all of this, thanks. I understand you even more now. Grounding my self the last 4 or so days, I hope all is getting better for you, sending love to you and learning to be more calm about every thing.


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