Will We Reunite? When a Twin Flame Leaves

Will you reunite with your twin flame? When a twin flame leaves, it doesn’t mean they will be gone forever.

twin flames often go through separation periods during their relationships.

When twin flame runs, it’s a very difficult time. Feelings of loss are very overwhelming and the one left behind goes through a grieving process.

It’s hard not to dwell on the fact that they’re gone. There is so much pain wondering what you will do without them. You can hang onto the hope this situation will just be temporary. Chances are you will reunite.


Relationships end all the time. People take the time they need to get over it and move on.

It’s different with spiritually connected relationships. No one can truly sever the connection, even when the relationship comes to an end. This leaves the one left behind in a state of limbo. They try to move on and let go but they still feel the connection.

So how can they move forward and what will it take for that to happen?

Moving on is not a simple decision. You can’t say to yourself you want to move and then *poof* it happens. It’s a process that can take a long time. While one member of the twin flame couple attempts to move on, their partner often returns. Anyone who experiences a twin flame leaving, wonders if at some point they will reunite.

The connection between these two souls is what allows them to come back. Some of the lessons the couple have to learn can’t be learned together, due to individual choices. The universe creates the connection but how the couple acts and reacts is up to them. No couple has to go through a separation phase. It’s a choice.

Will We Reunite? When a Soulmate or Twin Flame Leaves
Will We Reunite? When Twin Flame Leaves

Sometimes that choice is a wise one. It’s a wise choice to step away from the relationship because you’re being treated badly. Many times that’s the only way to change a bad pattern of behavior.

In cases like this, there’s a good chance the spiritual couple will reunite because they know they were out of line. They just keep acting out because they think they can get away with it and that you would never end the relationship. So once they realize you mean business, they return. In truth they never wanted the relationship to end in the first place


Often times people in dysfunctional relationships end a relationship as part of their game. Twin flame relationships can become dysfunctional too. They love the “break up get back together game”. If that’s your spiritual partner’s game, don’t waste your tears or bother worrying if you will reunite. People have patterns and rarely do they change their patterns unless they have to.

The on/off thing is working for them. So expect them to return because that’s what they do. You can also expect them to leave again as well, because they will.

You really need to create change in that relationship dynamic as fast as possible because your relationship will never really evolve. Because of the intense spiritual connection, the chances of them returning after a break up are very high. It’s not just any other relationship.

The connection is strong.

It stays strong. No matter how far apart you are or how long you are apart, the connection remains.

Your twin flame may be acting as though they don’t think of you or miss you at all. The key word in that sentence is “acting”. They’re just as connected to you as you are to them. It goes both ways. They’re just handling it differently than you are. But that does not mean they’re having an easy time of it.

When someone makes a decision to leave a relationship, they often want to prove to everyone they made the right decision. So they act happy. They get involved with someone else way to quickly and do whatever they need to in order to prove they did the right thing.

They know the truth and know how they really feel now. No one can lie to themselves about their feelings. Everyone is aware of how they really feel. This is what causes a twin flame to return.

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