Old Souls in Twin Flame Union: Top 10 Signs

Being old souls is one of the characteristics of a soulmate or twin flame union. Due to the spiritual connection and past live experiences, it makes sense that many soulmates and twin flames are old souls.  Here are some of the ways you can tell if you and your partner are old souls.


1.  You can see the forest through the trees.

You and your twin flame don’t get caught up in the little things or sweat the small stuff. You’re conscious of the bigger plan and how we’re all a part of that plan. You’re consciously aware of how everything you do affects everything and everyone else. You understand we are all pieces of a much bigger picture and that we’re all connected spiritually to one another.

2.  Prefer maturity versus childishness.

You gravitate toward more mature people, especially when younger. Relating to people your age can be difficult and you move toward an older crowd or older people. People may have remarked how mature you were for your age as you were growing up.

You welcome the wisdom and experiences of older people and find them easier to talk with and relate to. This causes you to feel different and sometimes not fit in with your peers or find them difficult to relate to. From a young age you express wisdom, depth and maturity beyond your years. You also may gravitate towards classic literature, movies, and music.

3.  You focus on quality, not quantity.

You don’t need material goods to feed your ego or elevate your social status. You’re more concerned with the quality of the company you keep, rather than the number of friends you have.

Old souls treasure good friends, although you may only have a few. Casual acquaintances don’t mean as much to you. You look for people you can relate to, who understand the deeper meanings in life, rather than someone who will just pass the time with you.

If there is no one currently around who you can relate to, you prefer to be alone. Superficiality in people is a major turn off to old souls. It may be hard for you to find true friends and would rather hang out in smaller circles than big crowds.

Old Souls in Twin Flame Union Top 10 Signs
Old Souls in Twin Flame Union Top 10 Signs

4.  Enjoy solo time.

You’re comfortable being alone more so than the average person. Old souls embrace their time alone to better understand themselves, understand others, seek wisdom and enjoy solitary activities. Of course you can feel lonely, but you have the ability to entertain yourselves, as opposed to needing to be entertained by others. Curling up with a good book is more enjoyable to you than going to a party with tons of people.

5. Feeling like an outsider.

 At many times during your lifetime, you feel as if you don’t belong. Seeing and feeling how different you are makes you feel very alone and misunderstood. You may find yourself wishing you’re more like everyone else.

Others may label you as weird because you seem out of place. Old souls may have a hard time in adolescence than most due to labels put upon them by others, especially when younger.

However, when you get older, you embrace your differences and no longer want to be like everyone else and really have no desire to fit in. You are happy in the niche you created for yourself.

6. You know yourself very well.

An old soul will know themselves better than others will know them, except for their twin flame, of course. Because of the time and energy you expend going deep within your psyche, you accept who you are. You know who you are, warts and all.

Old souls are more willing to acknowledge strengths and weaknesses at an earlier age. This leads to self-acceptance, healthy self esteem and awareness at a younger age as well.

Old Souls in Twin Flame Union

7. A Love of history.

Old souls often find themselves connecting strongly with history. You deeply connect to architecture, art and ruins from certain time periods.

When visiting a country or place you’ve never been to before, it feels like home. This of course can indicates you’ve been there in one or more past lives. You may resonate with certain time periods, be it the way they dressed, the art and architecture of the time, you name it.

8. Spiritual awareness is awakened early on.

Spirituality, religions and a life purpose are fascinating subjects to old souls. You may dabble in different religions or philosophies until you find what speaks to you. You’re hungry for knowledge and steadfast on a quest to find a deeper meaning to life.

You embrace a spiritual practice as one of your life goals is to expand your spiritual awareness as you reach toward ascension. You’re driven by deep relationships with people and search for meaning in everyday experiences. You also have strong intuition and are able to see the connections in everything.

9. Don’t waste time, as time is a precious commodity to old souls.

As an old soul, you’re more aware of the fleeting nature and true value of time. Where many let time pass them by, you tend to be more aware of how you spend your time. You want to fill your time on earth with important experiences, people and knowledge.

You don’t like to waste time and feel their isn’t enough time to accomplish all you want to. There’s pressure to get things done and have more of a sense of urgency than others. Fulfilling your lifetime goals are very important to you.

10.You possess wisdom, and others seek it out.

People gravitate toward old souls when seeking wisdom. You’re easy to talk to and offer wise advice to others to help them on their journey. Many old souls speak in a way others find soothing, comforting and non-judgmental.

They feel like they’re talking to an old friend or someone who really understands what they’re going through. It’s very easy for them to open up to you and will talk to you about anything and everything because they feel safe.

If you recognize yourself and your twin flame in these signs, there’s no doubt that you’re old souls. It would be great exercise to discuss your historical interests, time periods and places to see where the intersection of your lives appear.

Perhaps it will provide some clarity to your relationship and gain deeper understanding to your soulmate or twin flame blueprint. It may also open the gateway to your shared past lives. Regardless, it will make for interesting conversations.

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