Signs of a Healthy Twin Flame Relationship

What are the signs of a healthy twin flame relationship?

To many of us, having a healthy relationship is one of our top priorities, yet so many people are in and stay in unhealthy relationships these days. Spiritually connected couples (twin flames, soulmates, whatever label you choose) also find themselves in unhealthy relationships too. And some people are lead to believe spiritually connected couples HAVE to have unhealthy relationship dynamics in order to grow and evolve.

That is nonsense.

No one has to learn things the hard way, and that way of thinking is problematic. So do not accept toxic, dysfunctional behavior in a soulmate, twin flame or any relationship as normal or acceptable.

Another of the problem is many people don’t know the signs of a healthy relationship. They think the problems and issues they’re having are either temporary or a normal part of a relationship. They think just being in pursuit of a healthy relationship makes things okay, even though no progress is being made.

Signs of a Healthy Twin Flame Relationship
Signs of a Healthy Twin Flame Relationship

Since they recognize what changes need to be made, and are working on them, they think their relationship is on the mend. What they don’t seem to understand is that until those changes are made, they don’t have a healthy relationship and bad patterns of behavior are being created. And that is a real problem. Now let’s look at what a healthy relationship should look like, so you can see for yourself if your relationship is as healthy as it should be.

1. First, you both should bring  out the best in each other, and complement one another.

 You encourage one another to do better, and be better, and it works. If you want to know if your relationship is healthy, look around you. Has your relationship positively affected other areas of your life and made them better? Or, are you missing work or underperforming at work, losing friends and family, and losing your dignity and self respect?

Are you supportive of one another and allowing each other the opportunity to reach their personal goals? Are you being more complimentary to one another rather than insulting and complaining? When you are spiritually connected to someone, quite often there is some work you must do and lessons you must learn for personal growth. However, that does not mean you cannot learn these lessons in a positive way.

2. Maintain some individuality

Another important sign of a healthy soulmate relationship is the relationship doesn’t just revolve around one person. It also doesn’t revolve around just the two of you as a couple. Each person still has their own identity and individuality. You don’t have to sacrifice all of your needs and goals just so the other can achieve theirs.

There should be a proper balance within the dynamic of the couple. There should be a trust level where you do not need to be by one another’s side at all times, unless of course you want to. However, you should not have to give up things you enjoy and are passionate about just because your partner has no interest in them. Do them yourself, for yourself. (And your partner should not give you a hard time about doing that.)

Signs of a Healthy Twin Flame Relationship
Signs of a Healthy Twin Flame Relationship

3. Boundaries

A relationship can’t be healthy if boundaries are not drawn, respected, and enforced. Enabling your partner erodes and eventually destroys a relationship, even if you have a spiritual connection. When you do not create and enforce healthy boundaries you are taking yourself and the relationship off your spiritual path.

The universe did not create this connection between the two of you to behave in such a manner, and will not support it. So put away your fears, stop using your connection as an excuse, and get the relationship on track.

The same goes with family, friends, co-workers and careers should not be negatively influencing, or causing major conflict, in any relationship. People outside the relationship need boundaries too and need to respect the relationship you have with your partner. If they don’t respect your relationship, they don’t respect you, period, and that isn’t healthy, that’s for sure.

4. Quality time

In a healthy twin flame relationship there’s both quality time spent together and time spent apart, without conflict. The quality of time you spend together is just as important as how you spend your time apart.

You can’t just live together, you have to reconnect regularly so you don’t grow apart. You should be interested in what is going on with your partner, and they should be interested in what is going on with you. Take time to share with one another, and find the time to be just a couple. No kids, no careers, no friends, no family, just the two of you. Yes, it can be hard to find the time, but make it a priority.

Time apart can also be very good for a relationship. It helps maintain some independence and can strengthen the trust between the couple. Quality time together does not just center around the wants and desires of only one of you.

5. Similar life goals

You both are pursuing similar life goals. One can’t be pursuing a goal of traveling around the world while your partner’s goal is to settle down in one place and start a family. That will cause conflict and build resentment. Instead of one of you getting your goals met, try and compromise and create a plan where both of you can.

6. Time and energy

In healthy soulmate relationships, both of you must put forth the time, energy and effort to keep the relationship going. It’s not the sole responsibility of only one of you. If it is, your relationship is unhealthy. Sometimes one partner gives to much, for the right reasons, but they don’t realize they are not giving their partner the opportunity to do their part. And, using the excuse that they won’t doesn’t excuse you doing it all, it just shows your relationship has much bigger problems that need addressing.

7. Transparency

Transparency is a must in all relationships. No sneaking around, no hidden agendas and no major secrets. There should be nothing on your phone that you have to hide, unless it is a surprise gift or something like that. There should be no one you email, text or hang out with that you have to hide from your partner. If you have to hide it, you shouldn’t be doing it. Period.

Signs of a Healthy Twin Flame Relationship
Signs of a Healthy Twin Flame Relationship

8. Being realistic

A healthy twin flame relationship is a realistic one. You accept one another fully, the good and the bad. Although you may not like every single aspect of your partner, you accept that it’s who they are. You don’t fantasize about who they could be, you deal with who they actually are.

If they have a hard time expressing their emotions, that doesn’t mean they will ever be a poet. Not everyone is comfortable speaking about their feelings. They may express their love for you with actions, and that doesn’t make them a terrible person or one that has to change. Accept that they will tell you they love you but not go on and on about their feelings like YOU like to. The reality is they are them, and you are you.

9. Communication

Couples in healthy relationships can speak freely. They know how to communicate without it always being a huge argument. They say what’s on their mind, and express what they’re feeling, instead of keeping it to themselves. Their communication is consistent and not sporadic. Also, you should be able to each speak your mind without worry of repercussions.

Since you are both adults, you should be able to have adult conversations to resolve issues, to be understood, and to get things off your chest. Childish communications always go over the top, nothing gets resolved, things get worse, and it’s the same argument over and over again. Healthy communication seeks resolution, and sharing. Unhealthy communication thrives on conflict, accusations, deflection, and name calling.


People in healthy relationships also feel heard when they talk. Although the couple may not agree on everything they’re at least open to listening to what the other has to say with an open mind. They aren’t focused on changing each other’s mind because they need to prove they are right all the time. They are both open to compromise, not just one of them. Unhealthy, controlling relationships have a dynamic where “winning” an argument all the time is the main goal, and they will fight dirty.

Healthy soulmate and twin flame relationships don’t just create themselves. They’re created by partners who are willing to work together to ensure the relationship thrives and survives. Make sure you’re doing the right things in your relationship and not the wrong things to ensure is success. Have you had issues in your relationship that were unhealthy? How did you resolve them? Comment below!

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