Real Twin Flame Signs

There are some real twin flame signs that can help you find out of you have met your twin flame.

Many people experience these signs when they are in twin flame union.


1. You did not force your meeting and can clearly see where the universe coordinated the meeting between you both. You were both exactly where you needed to be at the right moment.

2. There will be an unusual amount of synchronicity with the two of you.

3. There is a deep sense of knowing that this is your twin flame and of soul recognition. You don’t just know it, you feel it.

4. Your twin flame relationship has been a catalyst for positive growth and change. Many find meeting their twin flame awakened them spiritually.

5. Unconditional love.

You will have deeper feelings for this person that anyone else in your life. You will be more vulnerable to them, open up to them more, and share parts of yourself you have never shared with anyone before.

Real Twin Flame Signs
Real Twin Flame Signs

6. Empathy and telepathy may be a gift you and your twin flame share. You may be able to feel each others emotions and know each other’s thoughts without even trying.

7. Possible age gap. Although not a requirement, age differences are common. The soul is timeless, and these age differences are not an issue for the couple.

8. There is usually immediate recognition when you meet your twin flame. The soul connection between you ignites when you meet for the first time.

9. Long distance from one another. Although not as common, many twin flames don’t come from the same state or even country. The universe facilitates their first meeting then it is up to the couple to bridge the geography between them on their twin flame journey together.

10. This is the most important of the twin flame signs. A divine twin flame union is to bring something of value to the world. Through your twin flame contract you will provide a gift to the world.

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