Twin flames share 5D communication, which for some couples, starts before they meet in the physical world. This communication happens on a higher, spiritual level, where they can exchange thoughts, emotions and energy. Communication in 5D allows twin flames to sense each other’s presence, even when they’re physically miles apart. It’s a profound connection that goes beyond the 3D.

The communication in 5D between twin flames is just as real as the communication they have in 3D. Even if twin flames are at odds with each other in 3D, communication is positive and loving in 5D. This is due to the connection on the higher dimensions and the ability to communicate from a place of unconditional love. Though they may be separated, or at a standstill in the physical world, their energy in the spiritual realm creates a channel for clear and loving communication.

The communication between twin flames in 5D can greatly influence their relationship in 3D. It can help, and even start, a healing process, lead to communication, and help to overcome fears, just to name a few.

Ways Twin Flames Communicate in 5D

The first is through meditation.

You can communicate with your twin flame via meditation, and many twin flames have experienced their first communication with their twin flame when they were meditating. This is prior to a physical meeting in person. Meditation can help you provide advice, assurance, and support to help guide your twin flame along the journey, and help clear the way for twin flame reunion and union.

The next would be communication through telepathy.

This can also occur prior to the first physical meeting and can help facilitate that meeting. Many twin flames speak of not being able to get their twin flame out of their mind, which makes perfect sense when your twin flame is communicating with you telepathically! They are the ones putting those thoughts in your head!


So pay attention to them, and don’t confuse them as your own. Use them, instead, as a way to send the words you want to say to them in the 3d to them in the 5d. (Especially during a separation phase.) Since the channel is wide open, don’t just be the receiver of these communications. Make sure to send communications back to your twin flame.

The third way twin flames communicate in the 5d is via dreams.

This is another instance of communication first in the 5D prior to meeting in 3D. Many twin flames have dreams that are so realistic they feel as though they really happened. Well, they did, so pay attention and do not dismiss the information you are being given from your twin flame, as these dreams can give great insight into what your twin flame is thinking and feeling, and what they may be holding back from you in the 5d. This could be their true feelings, intentions, and things to painful/fearful for them to express in the 3d with you.

Empathy is another way twin flames communicate in 5D.

This can be both very powerful and revealing. Your twin may not be ready to verbally express how they’re feeling but those emotions can be felt by you without them saying a word. You will feel these feelings as if they’re your own. It can be very overwhelming and come at you out of nowhere. Again, please don’t confuse these feelings with your own. Instead, address that these emotions belong to your twin flame. Use that knowledge to have a deeper understanding of what your twin is going through at the time.

Communication in 5D is essential to a twin flame couple’s spiritual journey. It is through their connection in 5D that twin flames can tap into their divine purpose and experience transformation. While it may not always be visible or tangible, their communication in 5D is powerful. 5D communication with your twin flame will contribute to your twin flame reunion and union.

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