Twin Flame Connection Test

Take our test to see if you have really found your true twin flame! See how many of your answers to these test questions resonate with you.


1 – You Weren’t Looking for Your Twin Flame.

Were you perfectly content with your life and not out there trying to find someone? Twin flame relationships are coordinated by the Universe and they come into your life by destiny.

2 – Unusual Meeting

Was there unusual synchronicity around your first meeting? There’s no way it would have happened under normal circumstances. In order to get your paths to cross, the Universe does a lot of work behind the scenes on your behalf by creating a bit of chaos in your life.

This nudges you in the direction you need to go. In order to facilitate a twin flame meeting, the Universe starts putting things in place decades before you cross paths.

3 – Twin Flame Separation

When you’re separated from your twin flame, for whatever reason, do you obsess about them? Many people get emotionally upset or needy if there is no communication from a romantic partner for a time. Within a twin flame connection there’s a genuine sense of knowing you’re in a deep connection. And even though there could be days or weeks without communication you feel secure they will return.

4 – Major Catalyst for Change

Since meeting have you made positive changes in your life? You may change jobs, focus on your spiritual journey or take better care of your body. A twin flame will inspire you to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

5 – Deeply Satisfying Romance

Is this the deepest romantic connection you’ve ever experienced? Did you discuss many things that happened throughout your lives? Perhaps things you haven’t shared with anyone else? Because of the soul familiarity, there is an extreme level of comfort and openness between you. You will trust this person with everything in your life.

twin flame connection test
twin flame connection test

6 – Empathic and Telepathic Connection

Do you share an empathic connection with your partner? Do you both sense when the other is upset, depressed or under the weather? Are you able to communicate without speaking through telepathic communication? Does it feel at times that you share a brain?

7 – Possible Age Gap

Is there an age gap between the two of you?  Although this isn’t a requirement, it’s fairly common. If this is the case, neither of you are bothered by it. Because the soul is truly ageless.

8 – Soul Recognition

Did you feel you already knew this person when you first met?  The soul connection between you ignites when you meet for the first time. This may not happen in all cases, but most. Did it feel like love at first sight? But it’s more than that, it’s your souls remembering each other from another time and place.

9 – Long Distance From Each Other

Did you live in different cities or countries when you first me? Many times twin flames live in different places, but they’re put in the same place, at the same time, for their first meeting.

The intense connection between twin flames is usually quite overwhelming  at first. So being long distance for a while actually helps your journey. You each have individual work to do before you’re fully ready for the divine union.

10 – Divine Purpose

Is one of your spiritual goals to bring something of value to the world? When a twin flame enters your life you’re being prepared for some major contribution for others. Something brought together by the Universe, is ultimately designed to benefit others. This divine gift contributes to the evolution of the planet.

If most of these (doesn’t have to be all) test questions resonate with you, it’s a good indication you have found your twin flame. How many test questions resonated with you? Leave a comment and let us know!

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