Signs A Twin Flame Separation May Be Ending

There are so many people out there hoping their twin flame separation will be ending soon.

The separation phase can be excruciatingly painful, with no ending in sight. But many twin flame couples do reunite, and they do rekindle their relationship. So how can you tell if your twin flame separation phase may finally be ending?

Signs Twin Flame Separation is Ending

1. Feeling a sense of anticipation, have a more hopeful and positive outlook. You have more faith and are allowing the power of the universe to take over. As you surrender, you start to feel more aligned with the universe, and have faith in their guidance.

2. Your twin flame shows up in your dreams, meditations, or you connect with you telepathically or empathically. These dreams are vivid, clear, and realistic. You have in depth conversations, and may even receive important messages/signs. Many twin flames who are separated in the 3D communicate in the 5D.

Signs A Twin Flame Separation May Be Ending
Signs A Twin Flame Separation May Be Ending

3. Signs and synchronicities.  You are being barraged with signs, such as numbers (including but not limited to 11:11) that are unique to you. It could be songs constantly playing wherever you go, your twin flame’s name shows up everywhere and on everything, etc. You may be purposely trying not to think about your twin flame at all, but the signs keep coming.

4. Your intuition is at an all time high. You feel guided to do things and go certain places and are allowing the universe to assist you. And you feel pulled towards new places and experiences. You pick up activities and interests that you let go of in the past. You have a feeling of rejuvenation.

5. Your connection feels stronger than ever,  especially after feeling disconnected from your twin flame. It may be frustrating to feel the push and pull from your twin flame that is stronger than ever before.

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