Signs a Twin Flame Separation May Be Coming

The twin flame separation phase is often called the hardest phase of the journey.  No one wants to go through a separation, but you can at least be watchful one may be coming. We compiled a list of some common signs, triggers and reasons a twin flame separation may be coming.

Signs Twin Flame Separation is Coming

1. Needing to heal from the past before they can move forward.

One or both twin flames may have trauma from the past they have not yet healed and released. This can include such traumas as being abandoned, abusive past relationships, dysfunctional family upbringing, health issues or the death of a loved one, and being betrayed in the past.

2. Bad timing, or what seems like bad timing.

For instance, the universe had you meet when both or one of you was already in a relationship. It may seem like the timing is bad, yet it was necessary for the two of you to discover one another. This can make you fully aware it is time to let the other relationship go. For many different reasons, it may be necessary for the two of you to stay apart until you’re completely free to be together.

3. Significant increase in conflict.

Signs a Twin Flame Separation May Be Coming
Signs a Twin Flame Separation May Be Coming

Often a twin flame will pick fights and sabotage the relationship prior to running. Any every little thing they will make bigger than it is. No matter how hard you try, they will make sure to cause the conflict they feel they can use as their excuse to leave the relationship.

4. Emotional and Spiritual Weakness.

Many twin flames come to a point where they have to surrender themselves to the connection and instead cause a separation. They are overwhelmed by their emotions, and instead of dealing with them and getting them in check, they let fear take over and flee. In other cases, the runner lacks the faith in the connection itself.  So instead of the connection being a source of strength, they become doubtful, which leads to a separation between them.

5. Refusal to learn the lessons as they come up and instead repeat bad life patterns and choices.

The lessons for spiritual growth make themselves quite clear. It is not hard to spot what we need to individually work on and heal from. Yet some people choose to disregard the lessons. This will of course cause conflict in the relationship and often leads to a separation phase.

6. Outside influence will often cause twin flames to separate.

This could be an ex that keeps causing problems in the current twin flame relationship. Maybe the ex is not being given proper boundaries and the twin is not enforcing them. This will, instead,  cause damage to the twin flame relationship. It could be a family member, friend, or even a job that’s getting in the way and causing unnecessary problems.

7. Withdrawal.

This can be slow and subtle, or major, it depends on the person. Sometimes a twin may start pulling away slowly, for no reason. Yet when you ask them about it, they tell you it’s all in your head or make an excuse as to why it happens. The problem is it keeps happening, until eventually you find yourselves in twin flame separation.

Others do it much more drastically. They do things they know you will notice right away, and will also make you angry. One such example would be not calling you back or answering you for a few days. Then, when you do talk, they are not apologetic and are angry at you. This is just another form of sabotage, leading up to a separation between the two of you.

These are just a sample of the most common twin flame separation signs and triggers. Have any of you saw your twin flame separation phase coming? What red flags did you see? Comment on our below and share your experience with others.

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