Narcissists Cannot Be Real Twin Flames

Narcissists cannot be real twin flames. It wouldn’t make sense for the universe to create a spiritual connection between two people who will never work out.

Every twin flame connection offers the opportunity for the relationship to work out. Otherwise, what’s the point? There is none.

If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist you’re living in hell on earth.

Narcissists are people who constantly belittle you at the drop of a hat. A narcissist makes you feel like a peasant while they’re a queen or king to be waited on by you. You spend every waking moment catering to their every wish, while all your wishes never come true.

Narcissists don’t care about your wishes, hopes, dreams, feelings, judgment or needs. A narcissist only cares about their own. And they demand you do as well or you will pay the price. The word narcissist is thrown around too often. Some people can just be selfish and self-centered. They may also be manipulative to those around them. They can change, while a narcissist cannot.

This is not a narcissist…

Very often in twin flame relationships behavior can go way overboard. This creates an imbalance within the relationship. One party is going overboard, while the other is doing the bare minimum. If this pattern of behavior goes on too long, you have one spiritual partner giving too much, while the other is giving way too little.

Narcissists cannot be twin flames
Narcissists Cannot Be Twin Flames

But this is not because of a personality disorder. It’s due to bad relationship dynamics created by two people. If your twin flame is selfish and self-centered, take a look at yourself for a minute. Do you shower them with affection and attention? Are you always available for them? Do you give in all the time to keep the peace? Do you focus on making them happy so much that you forget to pursue your own happiness?

You play a part in this to let it get out of hand. Now look at why you did it. Was it because you love them so much or because you’re afraid of losing them?

It’s time to create change, and quick. Before this gets any worse.

Your twin flame isn’t going to like you making changes. They have it made, so why should they?

They love having everything revolve around them. It’s a great relationship for them, it just sucks for you.

So it’s time to put yourself first, since they won’t. Expect some resistance from them, but stand firm. Stop making excuses for them and stop coming from a place of fear.

Pull back your time, energy and attention.

Take it off of them, and put it on yourself, since they won’t. Do what you want to do without them. Stop spending as much time with them if they keep choosing to do things only they want to do. Cut back on calling them if you always have to be the initiator of everything. Don’t change your plans with others to accommodate them.

If they won’t accompany you somewhere, go without them and/or with someone else, like a friend or family member. If you want the focus to be on you sometimes, and want balance in your relationship, it all starts with you. You have put out the message to your twin flame that you’re okay with it being all about them. It’s time you sent another message, that if they want all the good things that you bring to the table, they have to bring something as well.

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