Divorce Difficulties for Twin Flames

Divorce can play a part in twin flame relationships, although that’s hard to believe.

Some twin flame couples meet when one or both are married to other people. Once they meet their twin flame, they have to address their current relationship. The marriage may have had problems for a very long time. The couple may have grown apart or even grown hostile towards one another. In some cases, there’s no longer any physical relationship in the marriage.

So why do they stay?

People stay for different reasons. Fear of being alone, staying for the sake of the children and the cost of a divorce are some common reasons. But once a twin flame has entered the picture, it’s no longer as easy to stay with their spouse. They didn’t expect this to happen and didn’t see it coming.

Many begin an affair and plunge into it head first. Yet others won’t start anything until they’re free to do so. So the subject of divorce comes up. Should they leave this life they built with someone they’ve spent years or decades with? It’s a scary thought for some. They built a life they’re used to, and regardless of how bad they say it is, they fear ending it.

What if their family hates them for ending the marriage? What if they lose everything? Perhaps their twin flame relationship won’t work out and they did this all for nothing? Is this connection really real, or is this just a mid-life crisis?


If both spiritual partners are in marriages to other people, they usually wait for the other to begin the divorce process. This can keep both parties in limbo because they’re both waiting for the other person to take the first steps.

When one partner begins their divorce process they have a lot of worry and fear. They have the stress of the divorce itself but also fear their twin flame will have no follow through. This additional anxiety causes a lot of insecurity and mistrust for the couple, which leads to arguments.

Some decide to try and make their marriages work and call off the affair. This is devastating to the other partner. They may continue to talk while working on a marriage, which is ridiculous, and a terrible idea. It also makes no sense.

You can’t rebuild a marriage while talking to someone you believe is your twin flame.

Divorce Difficulties for Twin Flames
Divorce Difficulties for Twin Flames

Some do cut off all contact with their spiritual partner while trying to focus on their marriage. In most cases, they reach out again to their twin flame because it didn’t work.

Believe it or not, some twin flames do divorce each other.

For some, the subject of divorce can come up quite a bit. Just because spiritual partners marry doesn’t mean the marriage has the protection of some invisible force. Sometimes when marriages are going through a rough patch, even twin flames consider divorce. The strains of life, such as money, job loss or illness are taken out on the marriage, even though the marriage doesn’t cause the strain.

When spiritual partners are not learning their lessons, or fighting growth and change, the relationship deteriorates into something very dysfunctional. One partner could threaten divorce because their twin flame refuses to follow a spiritual path and instead behaves disrespectfully or withdraws emotionally and physically.

Others, who are able to get with murder, can push the envelope and even get caught cheating. The cheating may be the final straw, so their partner files for divorce. It can also be because one or both of the couple have taken a wrong turn on their life path.


A drug or alcohol addiction could be causing major problems in the marriage. twin flame may want a divorce because they’re against the constant drinking and the behavior that comes with it. The disease can be so strong they feel they have no other choice than to let go of their partner.

On the other hand, the partner with the addiction problem seeks the divorce. Their addiction is why they want a divorce, not because of a broken connection. In a case like this, it’s hard to watch your  twin flame self destruct. Unfortunately the choice to do so is theirs. Many couples will find their way back to one another, but sadly, not all of them will.

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