Telepathic Dreams Between Twin Flames

Telepathic dreams between twin flame dreams are pretty commonplace.

They don’t even have to be in each other’s lives for the dreams start.


Many twin flames have telepathic dreams long before their first encounter. Their spiritual counterpart may sound or look like they do in their dreams. Sometimes it can be quite a shock when they finally meet up with the person they have been dreaming about.

Twin flame couples have a lot to talk about when they initially see one another.  So it’s quite common during their early conversations that they discover they’ve been having many of the same dreams. (This can include dreams from when they were children.) It’s just another thing they have in common.

Some people don’t understand why they dream of their twin flame. Many of them don’t even know or understand the concept of twin flames. All they know is that there’s someone familiar in their dreams. It’s the same person, over and over.

Sometimes these dreams recur over many, many years. Everything about these dreams feels so real. They want to learn more about why they’re having these dreams and who this person is. For them, this can be the beginning of their twin flame journey.


Telepathic dreams occur between the couple for good reason. That reason, of course, is different for each couple. It’s much deeper than having a discussion about music or art. There’s a higher purpose for these dreams.

Telepathic dreams are communication through connection. At some point, soulmates and twin flames learn they can communicate with one another telepathically while awake.

Telepathic Dreams for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Telepathic Dreams for Twin Flames

The spiritually connected souls know the real purpose for meeting on the astral plane. They may feel a desire or need to telepathically communicate with one another prior to meeting. Their souls reach out to each other in their dream state.

These spiritual partnerships have a mission to accomplish. The couple will map out their spiritual goals together. There may be some revisions that cannot be discussed in the physical dimension between them. So these will be revealed on the astral plane.

Sometimes this is the spiritual awakening for the twin flames. Although they may resist this knowledge on earth, they never do on the astral plane.


A telepathic dream may often occur after a twin flame reunion on Earth. The couple will frequently experience these dreams when they’re apart. For instance, the couple may have to be in two different places for a period of time. Another example would be that family health issues or drama doesn’t allow for the couple to spend time together for a period of time.

The bond between spiritual pairings is strong. Even when they’re apart geographically, they join together in dreams. These dreams are usually, but not always, remembered the following day.

The next conversation they have, the subject of the dream often comes up. “I had a dream about you last night”, will be followed with “I had a dream about YOU last night too”. It’s then they realize they had the exact same dream, at the same time.

Many clients ask us if they dream of their twin flame are they dreaming about them as well? The answer is, of course they are! They may both not remember those dreams all the time though. This can depend how far along they both are on their spiritual journey.

The connection between twin flames goes both ways. So if you’re dreaming about them, they’re dreaming about you. Period. The further along you are on your spiritual journey the more likely it is you will remember. As each one progresses on their spiritual journey, the more they will retain their dreams.

Do you share telepathic dreams with a twin flame? Did you both remember them, and what where they like? Please feel free to share your telepathic dreams in our comments section below.

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