Why Twin Flames Can’t Stop Thinking About Each Other

Do you feel like you’re obsessed with your twin flame because you can’t stop thinking about them, no matter what you do?

You are not alone.

Twin Flames Can’t Stop Thinking About Each Other

It’s very common, due to their connection, for twin flames  to experience this phenomenon. Since twin flames have a strong connection on a energetic, emotional, physical and mental level. Therefore it’s easy to see why this occurs. Some of the random thoughts that pop into your head about your twin flame can be their thoughts and emotions.

You didn’t force that to happen. It’s all part of the exchange of energetic, telepathic and empathic communication between the two of you. Think of it like this; it’s more than likely at least half of your thoughts of your twin flame can be coming directly from them to you.

Obsessive thoughts about a twin flame seem to be at their highest when twin flame first meet, and when/if they are in a separation phase.

When twin flames first meet, they often ride the wave of emotional highs that come with their connection, so they tend to welcome these constant thoughts of their twin flame.

However, when twin flames are in separation, these thoughts are much less welcome. The last thing someone would want is to be thinking obsessively about their twin flame during separation because it only causes anxiety, stress, and devastating pain. But, because both twins are having difficulty during the separation phase (even if one is trying to hide/deny it.) They experience not only their own thoughts and feelings at the time, but their twin flame’s.

That can be overwhelming, exhausting, and excruciating.

Please understand that these thoughts are part of the twin flame journey, and not something you can completely control. So many people find it hard to stop thinking about their twin flame. Trying to stop it from happening at all can be just a waste of energy on your part. Instead, acknowledge that it is the connection contributing to these obsessive thoughts, and validate the messages you are receiving from your twin.

The universe often stops sending you signs/messages once you acknowledge you received them. That may not stop all the thoughts, but it begins to change your reaction to them. If you are having a hard time or struggling, leave a comment down below to get some support from the collective community.

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