Ending Bad Relationships for Twin Flames

Bad relationships can involve twin flame partners. Twin flame partnerships involve humans, and human beings aren’t perfect.

A spiritual connection doesn’t ensure you will both behave properly and lovingly. All twin flame relationships have a chance to become deep spiritually-rooted relationships. That does not mean that all will.

Sometimes, because of the free will of the two involved, they can become bad relationships.

So what goes wrong between these couples with so much potential?


Twin flame relationships bring out the best and the worst in us. They ask us to look deep within ourselves and look for what is holding us back. What past traumas need healing? What holds us back from being happy and what do we need to change? So, if you have control issues, expect them to flare up big time. Not for you to be a control freak, but for you to let go of your desire to control everything.

If you have abandonment issues you have to learn to let go of your past hurt. You have to find faith that your spiritual partner will not abandon you. It’s not for you to act needy, clingy or insecure. You will need to address these issues. They are sabotaging your relationships and preventing your growth.

Ending Bad Relationships for Twin Flames
Ending Bad Relationships for Twin Flames

Creating the changes that come from the lessons allows us to free ourselves from any baggage we’re carrying. When we resist the issues, and what the universe is bringing to our attention, we create problems. Simple as that.

So if you think you’re helping your twin flame by catering to their issues, you’re doing you both a disservice. You’re enabling them by creating a bad relationship between the two of you. How can you possibly think you will have a good relationship if you allow bad behavior?


There seems to be a weird acceptance that you have to tolerate mistreatment from a twin flame. That the connection makes it impossible for there to be consequences for their actions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The universe isn’t handing out medals for people that put up with horrible treatment from a twin flame. Actually, the universe takes a step back because in times like that neither of you is on a spiritual path. If you’re on a spiritual path, you have faith. You would use that faith to be strong, and put your foot down when needed.

You should even take a break, or end a twin flame relationship, if you’re being treated badly. That may be exactly, and the only thing, that will finally teach them the lesson they need to change.


As Twin Flame coaches, in our experience it appears the one behaving badly is the one that ends the relationship. (Or they decide you need a break from the relationship for a while.) The spiritual partner who is being mistreated rarely initiates a break or a break up. When asked why, it’s always the same answer: “I am afraid if I do that I will lose them forever.”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why so many twin flame relationships become dysfunctional. Neither party will step up to the plate, demand respect and put a stop to the bad behavior. At some point you have to be strong enough to do what is necessary to change a bad relationship into a good one.

The twin flame connection should not be used against you. It should be a source of empowerment, something that you draw strength from to do what is right. Every twin flame has the potential to go on to have deep meaningful relationships. It’s time you turned your bad relationship to something more positive.

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  1. You are right just because you have a connection does not mean you should enable bad behavior or tolerate it.


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