Heartbreak is Devastating for Twin Flames

Heartbreak due to a problematic relationship is one of the toughest things to deal with. Twin flames come with a deep connection, a feeling of familiarity and intense bonds. Yet even spiritual relationships suffer heartbreak.

Although the twin flame bond never truly breaks, the heart often does. There is a myth that when the universe creates a soul partnership between two people, the relationship will be so easy. But when they learn their connection is a double-edged sword, they’re both shocked and emotionally devastated.


Usually twin flame relationships start out like a fairy tale. Everything is intense, but in a good way and emotions are overflow. Everything is easy. Conversations, even those about feelings, flow organically and easily. The couple may like many of the same things, think the same way and even feel the same way.


The heartbreak comes when they’re not on the same page when it comes to the relationship itself. While one soulmate or twin flame partner may be ready to run off into the sunset together, the other may want to run away and flee the country alone. One is ready to go on their spiritual path together, while the other won’t take the first step. Or, as a couple, they take one step forward and then two steps back.

Usually, the first place this occurs is when it’s time to take the next step in the relationship. This can also include getting out of other relationships. Suddenly the person you spent countless hours talking and texting with, daily for hours and hours, has nothing to say. They may suddenly disappear out of the blue. They may give a lame reason for breaking up or asking for some space.

This is devastating to the other party. Everything was so perfect and going too well. This was what true love was supposed to feel like. Promises were made and you discussed a future together.

It’s heartbreaking when this happens.

People say they’ve been unable to go to work, clean their house or even get out of bed when it happens to them. They have no idea what happened, why it happened or what to do now.

Spiritually connected relationships commonly go through many ups and downs. The highs are high and the lows are low. Some twin flame relationships end, although usually only temporarily. The difficulties in the relationship cause the duo to work against one another, not with one another.

Heartbreak is Devastating for Twin Flames
Heartbreak is Devastating for Twin Flames

One may be the manipulator while the other is the manipulated. One may have dysfunctional relationship skills and the other enables the bad behavior. This is not going to lead anywhere good. It will only lead to pain and toxicity. You can rest assured at least one of them suffers from heartbreak over and over.

The love and bond between twin flames and soulmates is like nothing they have ever experienced before.

The reverse is also true. When your spiritual partner hurts you, the level of pain is also like nothing experienced before.

Has your soulmate or twin flame cut off all communication? Did they end your relationship for no good reason? Are they in a state of denial? Did they get back together with their ex? Did they leave you for someone else? Are treating you badly and disrespectfully? Do you feel as though you’ve lost them forever?

Feeling heartbroken over any of those scenarios is understandable. Grieving over the loss of a twin flame is truly painful.

But don’t lose all hope.

Just as the bad times between spiritual couples go to the extremes, so do the good times. These relationships can turn on a dime. It can go from perfection to a horror show at a moment’s notice.

But the same can happen in reverse.

We have dealt with many clients whose twin flame relationships seemed hopeless. They couldn’t understand how it could be fixed or why it could be fixed. But that is the magic of a spiritual connection. Because of the unique bond they share, they often find each other again, because they are drawn to each other.

You can run from a connection, but you won’t get far. That connection goes with you, no matter how hard you try to shake it. If you’re dealing with a soulmate or twin flame runner just stand still. You would be surprised how many times they come back, after realizing they cannot escape the connection.

All spiritual unions have the opportunity to work out. Otherwise why would the universe even set this up? If each member of the couple wants it to work, it will.

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