The Bad Side of Twin Flames

A bad side exists in everyone because the good and bad are a part of all of us. Everyone in the world seems to have a good side and a bad side. When you first meet your twin flame, more than likely you see only their good side. (And they will see your good side as well.)

Many spiritual partners have a bad side, and when it’s exposed, it can be unsettling. Of course they will present their good side to you when you first start seeing each other. Until your twin flame is stressed, angry or fighting with you, their bad side remains dormant.


It can shake you to your core when you encounter your spiritual partners darker side. And the same goes for when you reveal yours to them. We’re all human and imperfect people. We can’t all be sunshine, light and positivity all the time.

Up to this point, your spiritual counterpart has been wonderful. You never expect to see this side of them, especially because of your deep connection. So you ask yourself if it could just be stress, their job or financial issues. Nope, this is how they deal with stress, their ex, money or whatever.

You have to pay close attention. You will experience their bad side again. If you plan to stay together both sides of them are coming along for the ride. Our shadow sides are areas we need to take a look at. That is where past trauma, unhealed wounds and triggers reside.

This is where we will find the parts of ourselves we need to pay attention to. That is where healing can begin, lessons can be learned and growth can be achieved. Don’t excuse or enable the bad words or behaviors. If either of you do that, it will only get worse.

The Bad Side of Twin Flames
The Bad Side of Twin Flames


You have to figure out how truly awful it is and if you can live with it. If it’s no worse than yours, accept it for what it is. Don’t take everything they say personally and certainly don’t analyze it to death. When something triggers us, we can say and do things we don’t mean.That does not mean we receive a get out of jail free card. We should own our mistakes, apologize and do what we can to stop that behavior. We can all have a bad day or go through a stressful time.

The same holds true for your twin flame, so cut them some slack. Most likely, just like you, they may not even remember what they say in the heat of the moment. And just like you, they don’t really mean it. When we are fighting, hurtful things come out of our mouths. Do we mean them? No. We may mean for our words to hurt, but that doesn’t mean they are the truth.

We aren’t referring to verbal abuse, which is another thing all together. No one should tolerate verbal abuse. But an infrequent snarky or sarcastic comment you can let slide with a genuine apology.


During times of trouble we may learn our twin flame is drinking too much, doing drugs, gambling or acting financially irresponsible. Those behaviors will certainly have a negative affect on your relationship. The more they participate in destructive activities, the more damage will be done. Deal with these behaviors head on and don’t sweep them under the rug. It won’t go away with the wave of a wand. They have to get it under control or your relationship will pay the price.

Moodiness is usually very temporary and random. Everyone gets moody sometimes because life is not all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. But sometimes people feel they can get away with murder with their soulmate or twin flame. They take their moodiness to the extreme.

You should not tolerate it if they go too far. Ideally they need to find another outlet to change their mood or take a time out. If they’re moody for weeks on end, they need to either get professional help or snap out of it. It won’t get any better until it’s addressed.

Everyone is allowed to be in a bad mood now again, but not the point that it ridiculously becomes the norm. If they need therapy, then they need to get it. If they need medication, they need to take it. They need to deal with it properly and not avoid it.

We are all a combination of lightness and darkness. A twin flame can find a way to handle both sides and sustain your relationship. It will take some work, but it will be well worth it.

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