Being Ignored by Your Twin Flame?

Are you being ignored by your twin flame? When your spiritual partner is ignoring you, it’s a tough place to be. Twin flames can bring more joy into our lives than we ever thought possible. They can also bring more drama and pain.

When twin flame couples first meet there’s an overabundance of communication and spending time together. Everything feels in sync and perfect harmony, but sadly this honeymoon period usually doesn’t last forever. You may actually reach a time where you have less communication and more distance in your spiritual relationship.

Now you feel completely ignored and hardly ever see them in person. And when you do, they either seem distracted or distant.

What the heck happened?


No one likes being ignored and we feel hurt when someone we love barely gives us any attention. We may wonder what, if anything, we did wrong.

Usually when a twin flame chooses to disregard you, and give you less attention, there’s a hidden agenda. They could be sabotaging the relationship by purposely paying you no mind, knowing it will get to you and lead to an unnecessary argument.

A twin flame can take you for granted, or just disappear, as another way to cause problems for no good reason.

Why would anyone do this?

For some, it provides the opportunity to emotionally and physically distance themselves from the relationship. Well at least let them attempt it. They may be reacting from a place of fear and feel overwhelmed by the connection you share. Then again, it could just a phase they are going through, and it really doesn’t mean anything at all.

Being Ignored by Your Twin Flame?
Being Ignored by Your Twin Flame?

People go through moods and cycles or find themselves in a rut. Perhaps they’re angry, worried or stressed about something that has nothing to do with you. They need to handle their problem without your input and need some space to do it.

Not everyone feels the need to share their problems all the time.

They’re not purposely trying to upset you. It’s just that their mind is elsewhere right now. Take into consideration what else may be going on in their life right now. Give them some space for the moment and try not to take it personally.

At a certain point, tell them how you’re feeling and give them a chance to explain themselves. If they give you a good reason for their distraction, or not having the time and attention to give to you, drop it for now.

If things don’t get better, it’s time to have another talk. Let them know you expect them to make some changes as soon as possible.

If they ghost you completely, and you haven’t heard from them in weeks or longer, back off from them as well. There’s really no good excuse for failing to send a simple text or make a phone call to keep in touch. It’s rude and disrespectful to your twin flame.

When they finally decide to reach out, it’s time you call them out and firmly let them know you won’t tolerate them ignoring you in the future.

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