Phases of Twin Flame Relationships

Phases of twin flame relationships are not all inclusive to every couple. These phases do not go in the same order for each spiritual partnership either.

Each twin flame duo are unique. What phases they go through and what order depends on their individual choices.

Some phases may never be a part of some couple’s experience. Many of these phases have challenges and can be very distressing and heartbreaking. Other phases are harmonious, and exhilarating.


The first phase comes with the individual awakening of the spirit. One or both spiritual partners experiences a desire to form deeper, more meaningful relationships. They are ready to embrace a soul connection.

Consciously or unconsciously they put out to the universe that they’re ready for a spiritual partnership. In some instances both parties awaken at the same time, but this is quite uncommon. It’s much more commonplace for one to be awakened while the other has not. Sometimes neither twin flame is awakened prior to the next phase.


This next phase happens occurs at their first encounter. The rest of the world stands still. There is an instant soul recognition. And there is no way to be fully prepared for the overpowering flood of emotions. The world is now turned upside down. So things can never go back to the way they were.


The twin flames are now at phase three. Here they bask in their connection. They cannot get enough of one another. Every minute of every day feels magical. They crave being in one another’s presence. The pace of the relationship moves rapidly. They feel as if they are top of the world, never having been this high before.

Unfortunately not all twin flames go from phase two the three. This stage can be passed over to another phase, such as phase four.


Not trusting the connection, or denial of it, is the fourth phase. Upon the first meeting they let themselves be vulnerable. They quieted their minds and moved in tandem with their souls. But once the mind takes control again, the questioning begins.

Phases of Twin Flame and Soulmate Relationships
Phases of Twin Flame Relationships

Are they making a mistake by allowing themselves to be this vulnerable? Isn’t the relationship moving too quickly by conventional standards? Isn’t it abnormal to feel this much in such a short time? All these types of questions pop up. Now is the time to make personal decisions. They can either reaffirm their faith in the connection or find themselves in a more destructive phase.


The next phase involves sabotaging the relationship. Twin flames can be unsure of the strength of their connection. So, they test it, again, and again and again. They want to see what it will take for their twin flame to abandon the relationship.

Here they learn they can get get away with mistreating their partner. So a bad pattern of behavior is now established in their relationship and will take a lot of work to correct it.

This phase can also include break ups between the couple. These break ups are usually not permanent but they are usually repetitive. Now the couple can create an on/off relationship in this phase. This is another detrimental pattern of behavior that will be very hard to break.


Stage six said to be one of the roughest phases. One partner runs while the other chases. The more you chase, the more they run. Running gets you nowhere. Chasing gets you nowhere.

You cannot run from a connection and you can’t force someone to accept one. Now is the time for both parties to work on themselves. What is it that they fear that makes them behave this way? Heal that and you stop the behavior.


This phase is where lessons are introduced and the work is done. At this phase each member may have a tough time challenging themselves. With the lessons learned, they have evolved and grown. Now this takes them to the next and final phase.


In phase 8 the couple applies the lessons. They have surpassed their obstacles and have come out stronger. Their faith in their connection and one another has deepened. They know they can get through anything as long as they do it together. The relationship resembles phase 3. The couple is vibrating higher and creating a loving, healthy relationship.

How have you and your twin flame handled the different phases? Let us know in the comments section.



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