Opposites Attract With Twin Flames

Opposites attract, as the saying goes. Yet it can be quite shocking to learn a twin flame is not exactly the same as they are.

Many people believe a twin flame is their other half. But your other half need not be identical to you. (Although some Twin Flames are very similar.)

Since we are all a sum of our parts, twin flame relationships can often fill voids in us where we are lacking. The differences between the couple can create a much needed balance in the relationship.

It can also create learning and growth opportunities for each member of the couple.


Twin flames usually mirror each other. Because of this, many believe their spiritual partner will have similar tastes, opinions and beliefs. They also expect their temperaments and personality traits will be the same.

But this isn’t always true. Some people, of course, discover their twin flame is almost identical them. These similarities are often uncanny. They may use the same phrases, share similar views on many things and even have some similar physical characteristics. They’re just two peas in a pod.

Opposites Attract for Soulmates and Twin Flames
Opposites Attract With Twin Flames

On the other hand, there are a great number of people who learn their twin flame is their polar opposite. It can make a person question if they really are a spiritual partner. They wonder why their twin flame isn’t just like them. They worry about the problems and difficulties these differences will cause in their relationship.

There are times when our spiritual counterparts have to be different.

It’s their job to reflect back to us things within ourselves that need work. This work will require personal growth, which is one of the main purposes of these spiritual connections.

For instance, perhaps you lack self-confidence. Your partner, on the other hand, is a very confident, outgoing person. That can actually be a good thing. If your partner can be a catalyst for you to have more confidence in yourself, the relationship is of great benefit.

Perhaps your twin flame procrastinates too much and therefore never reaches their goals. After meeting you, and getting encouragement and support, they can become more disciplined and begin to make progress to achieve these goals.That is thanks to their connection and relationship with you.

It’s not always a bad thing for a twin flame to be opposites. What they bring to you, and the relationship, will make you a better person. Or you will help make them a better person. After all this is ultimately the reason you are in each other’s lives.

If a spiritually connected couple are alike, there is often harmony in the relationship right away, and fewer bumps along the way. Unless of course there’s competitiveness or other issues within the relationship that can cause friction.

In the end, there are some spiritual relationships where the couple a carbon copy of the other, yet others are total opposites. They can all work out. Neither is necessarily better than the other.

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  1. My soulmate and I are complete opposites. It actually has really enhanced our relationship and we work so great as a team. My shortcomings are her strengths and vice versa.


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