How The December Full Moon Can Affect Your Twin Flame Journey

The December full moon which happens on 12/26/2023, is also known as the Cold Moon or Long Night’s Moon. The Cold Moon is a time of spiritual importance to prepare for new beginnings. It aligns with the end of a year and beginning of a new one.

There can be a significant energy shift for many twin flames during the Cold Moon.

Here are some suggestions of how to take advantage of this energy shift for your spiritual journey with your twin flame.

1. Reflection and Inner Work

This moon’s energy encourages inward reflection and inner work. You can use this time to reflect on your twin flame connection and accept both its joys and challenges. Use the energy of the full moon to reflect on your personal growth and any improvement of your connection with your twin flame. Consider the challenges you’ve faced and think about the lessons you’ve learned both individually and together.

How The December Full Moon Can Affect Your Twin Flame Journey
How The December Full Moon Can Affect Your Twin Flame Journey

Your twin flame will also feel drawn to self-reflection as well, even if you’re in separation. They will find themselves reminiscing about your twin flame journey thus far, and the role they have played in it. This can be a great time for them to begin, or make progress on, their own inner work.

2. Release and Forgive

Full moons are release cycles and the Cold Moon is associated with letting go of negativity. It’s a good time to let go of old patterns, beliefs or energies that no longer serve you and welcome change and growth. Use this time to release past wrongs or emotional baggage that may hinder your twin flame union.

Forgive yourself and your twin flame for any perceived or real wrongdoings. Write down your thoughts or feelings on paper or write a letter to your twin expressing these thoughts and feelings, then release them by either burning the paper or burying it.

Your twin flame ~even those in separation~ may be letting go of their own negative patterns and beliefs and make some major positive changes during this time. They may finally end a relationship that has been in the way, make contact with you that they’ve been putting off, or even embrace and accept your connection.

3. Setting Intentions

Use the powerful energy of this full moon to set positive and loving intentions for your relationship and your spiritual growth. Focus on what you want to manifest and nurture in your twin flame connection. Write down your intentions and visualize the moon’s energy infusing them with power and light.

How The December Full Moon Can Affect Your Twin Flame Journey
How The December Full Moon Can Affect Your Twin Flame Journey

Visualize your desired outcome for your twin flame connection, focusing on unconditional love and personal growth for both of you. This is a great time for you to practice, and put to good use, the telepathic connection you share with your twin flame.

4. Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

Meditation and mindfulness practices can have a positive effect on your twin flame connection during this full moon. Connect to your inner self and explore the spiritual aspects of your connection to your twin. Visualize sending love and positive energy to your twin flame. Imagine a strong, harmonious connection between both of you. During this time you may receive messages from your twin flame, and/or signs from the universe that can be beneficial to your twin flame journey.

5. Communication

If you’re currently in contact with your twin flame, use the moon’s energy for open and honest communication. Express your feelings, thoughts, and vulnerabilities with each other. Discuss any challenges you may be facing and find common ground for growth. Express gratitude for the lessons learned and the love you experience together. This is also a wonderful time to nurture intimacy with your twin flame and strengthen the bond you share.

If you are not in contact with your twin flame and they use this time to reach out, give them the opportunity to express their truth, and encourage them to be more open with you.

Approach the December full moon with an open heart and positive mindset. Trust this energy can guide you to greater understanding, love, and growth on your twin flame journey.

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