The Friend Zone for Twin Flames

The friend zone for twin flames can be a frustrating and heartbreaking place to be.

Many spiritual partners find themselves stuck in the friend zone. It may be very disappointing and hurtful for you that they only see you as a friend.

You, on the other hand, see how perfect you are together. You can’t believe they don’t feel the connection between the two of you. They know how well you get along and how you talk about everything under the sun.

And they say time and again how they feel closer to you than anyone else on earth.

So why won’t they pluck you out of the friend zone and make you their romantic partner?


You wonder what else they need to see to change their mind. What else can you do to finally get out of the friend zone? You should be having a wonderful twin flame relationship. But you’re stuck in the friend zone while they date other people who are the complete opposite of you.

Then they complain to you about their relationship dramas and disasters. So you wonder if they’re either blind or ignorant. How can they not see what’s right in front of them? Why don’t they know how perfect you are for each other? Why won’t they give the two of you a chance at something more?

What is wrong with them?

Well there may not be anything wrong with them. They may think the reason you two get along so great is because you’re friends. They may think if you get out of the friend zone and begin dating, it would be an epic fail. You have become so important to them that they couldn’t bear to lose the friendship you have.

This may be a part of their life lessons.

They may get tired of dating all the wrong people and take a chance on you. Perhaps they need to grow up or learn some lessons first. It’s so hard to see your twin flame make one relationship mistake after another while you wait for them in the friend zone.

So how do you knock some sense into them? Is there a way to get them to see you and your relationship the way they should?

The Friend Zone for Twin Flames
Friend Zone for Twin Flames

Not really, it is not in your control.

They may have romantic feelings towards you but aren’t admitting them to you. They may be afraid to get into a real relationship where they know it would get serious. Or they may be afraid of not being able to step up to the plate and screw the whole thing up. So, they put you in the friend zone until they feel they’re ready to pursue a romantic relationship with you.


Not much I’m afraid. You have already won them over as a friend. There may be nothing you can do to show them it’s time to take a chance on you. Pouring out your heart and soul can actually push them further away. That could make them so uncomfortable they can’t deal with you even as a friend. You don’t want to push your luck and push them away.

It might be best to find other ways to get their attention rather than with a sudden outburst of emotion. Let them see your attention being given to someone else. Jealousy can be another way to get someone to admit their true feelings. Just don’t go overboard because that too can backfire. (Also, it is not right to use someone to make another person jealous. Simply seeing you socializing and their being the opportunity to meet someone may bring about jealous thoughts and feelings.)

Many people can’t hold it in any longer and just unload all their feelings on their friend all at once. But they’re not prepared for the consequences and hurt feelings. They not only get to hear their feelings aren’t reciprocated, but now the friendship has changed or non-existent.

So do you have a chance of making this work on another level? Can you leap out of this friend zone and into the twin flame zone anytime soon?

You’re going to have to leave that up to them, unfortunately.

Your patience has probably worn very thin at this point. You have probably spent a lot of time searching for clues on their innermost feelings but come up empty or more confused than ever. Remember, twin flames are here to teach us lessons. Yours could simply be to learn patience while they learn their lessons. If you do, you could be rewarded with being out of the friend zone permanently.

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