Why a Twin Flame Runner Doesn’t Initiate Contact

A twin flame runner usually doesn’t initiate contact.

During a twin flame journey, most twin flames will have to go through a separation phase as one of them runs from the connection. Many times, but not always, the other twin becomes a chaser. This is the most difficult part of the twin flame journey.

The chaser tries to maintain the connection and may try to seek validation from the runner, who may or may not respond. The twin flame runner, for the most part, will not initiate contact during this runner-chaser phase.

Why a Twin Flame Runner Doesn’t Initiate Contact

Feeling Overwhelmed.

The intensity of the twin flame connection can be overwhelming. A twin flame runner pulls away or avoids contact from their divine counterpart to get away from intense emotions or feeling overwhelmed by the powerful connection.

The intensity of the connection can lead to fear and confusion. Many times, the runner doesn’t understand why they developed such deep feelings for their twin so quickly. This emotional intensity can be so powerful that the runner may need time and space to process their feelings before they’re ready to initiate contact.

Why a Twin flame Runner Doesn't Initiate Contact
Why a Twin flame Runner Doesn’t Initiate Contact

Emotional Baggage and Past Trauma.

A twin flame runner may have unresolved emotional baggage or trauma from past relationships. Before they can fully engage in a twin flame connection, they really need to release this baggage once and for all.

The intense connection between twin flames can trigger unresolved trauma. This trauma needs healing to be able to maintain a twin flame connection. Most of the time, the runner is unaware they are carrying these issues around with them until they are reflected through the twin flame mirror.

Need for Separation.

The runner may need physical or emotional separation to gain clarity about the twin flame journey. Taking time and space for self-reflection, allows them to gain greater insight into the intense connection they feel to their twin. By distancing themselves from their twin, they believe they can gain greater self-awareness, which will lead to a greater understanding of their purpose.

Resistance to Change.

A twin flame relationship brings about significant change and transformation for each twin. The twin flame journey is truly a journey into yourself. It’s one of self-discovery, healing and both personal and spiritual growth. This can be challenging for the runner as they may resist the internal changes and inner work it entails. The runner is aware they need to change, but they’re not yet ready to embrace the changes required of them.

External Circumstances.

Life circumstances, such as other relationships, career demands, family issues, or other factors can influence the runner’s decision not to initiate contact. These life circumstances, at this time, may have a higher priority than your twin flame connection. Your twin flame feels they need to address these circumstances before they’re ready to embrace the twin flame journey.

Why a Twin flame Runner Doesn't Initiate Contact
Why a Twin flame Runner Doesn’t Initiate Contact

Personal Growth.

The runner might be taking the time to work on their individual personal and spiritual growth, healing, and self-discovery. This may include addressing issues, learning lessons, and making changes in their lives to prepare for a more balanced twin flame union.

They should first remove obstacles that are holding them back from becoming their authentic self. Only then will they get closer to initiating contact with their twin flame.

Fear of Commitment.

Some twin runners are fearful of long-term commitment. They may also be fearful of the responsibilities that come with a twin flame relationship.

No Sense of Urgency.

If the twin flame runner gets any contact from their twin, there is no reason for them to initiate contact. When the other twin initiates contact for whatever reason, the runner has no sense of urgency to initiate contact.


The reasons a twin flame runner doesn’t initiate contact can vary as every twin flame couple is unique. It’s important to remember a twin flame connection is a journey, not a destination. Both twin flames must work through their issues to support one another on this journey. If one twin flame is not ready or willing to do this, give them space and focus on your own personal growth and healing.

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