Kundalini Rising or Awakening and Twin Flames

Kundalini is divine feminine energy, also known as Shakti. It is a coiled energy located at the base of the spine. During Kundalini awakening this energy activates and moves up and through your chakras. Awakening this energy requires a deep comprehension of one’s own karma and connection to others, especially a twin flame. Once awakened the Kundalini energy allows you to achieve higher levels of consciousness, enlightenment and realization of your true selves.

The awakening of the kundalini is a natural process that can lead to a range of physical, emotional and spiritual experiences. These include altered states of consciousness, heightened awareness and increased intuition.

When twin flames meet for the first time, a deep spiritual realization or transformation occurs.

Likewise, a twin flame reunion can trigger this activation of the kundalini rising because of the strong connection between separated twins coming back into union. Many, but not all, twin flames can experience the awakening of the Kundalini at the same time because their chakra systems are in alignment with one another.  This powerful spiritual experience will lead to a deeper connection between them.

Kundalini rising is a deeply personal experience. The signs, symptoms and effects will be different for everyone as well as each twin flame couple.

Signs of Kundalini Rising or Awakening

1. Panic attacks

This may arise due to the intense emotional pain experienced during the spiritual awakening process, especially during separation from a twin flame. If the spiritual awakening happens too fast, some will experience feeling overwhelmed and become distressed. It’s important to allow this process to happen naturally and organically so your energy will stay balanced.

Kundalini Rising or Awakening and Twin Flames
Kundalini Rising or Awakening and Twin Flames

2. Increased intuition, empathy and telepathy

As the Kundalini rises, twin flame’s connection with one another will deepen including their empathy, telepathy and intuition. Twin flames will be able to communicate with one another without speaking, through thoughts and emotions. This will help them provide positive guidance and insight to each other as well as to other people in their lives.

3. Mood swings that come out of nowhere

Kundalini rising may cause mood swings that suddenly come out of nowhere. One may feel sad, angry or suddenly joyful without any reason. Since your intuition, empathy and telepathy to your twin has increased you will also experience their mood swings as well.

4. Experiencing headaches, stomach aches or illness.

Many who go through the Kundalini awakening can experience pain throughout their physical bodies such as headache and back aches. This is because your spiritual body is expanding its consciousness and your physical body is trying to catch up. You’re also releasing blocked energy from your body as the Kundalini rises. This is an important time for positive self-care and extra rest.

5. Sleep disturbances

The rising of the Kundalini can cause drastic changes to your sleeping patterns. You may have a hard time falling asleep at your normal time or you may wake up throughout the night with dreams or nightmares. You may also require much less sleep than normal. If you needed 8 hours of sleep to feel rested before, with Kundalini rising you may only need 4 hours of sleep or find you need 12 hours to function properly.

6. Expansion of your creativity.

The Kundalini energy is very intense and many twin flames who are experiencing Kundalini rising have a strong impulse to create something. Creativity is the ethereal force that drives us to create beauty from within. Art, music, dance, writing – all are manifestations of our creativity. Being creative can make us truly feel alive. It allows us to express ourselves in a way words alone can’t convey. The Kundalini energy feeds our creativity which in turn, feeds our souls.

Kundalini Rising or Awakening and Twin Flames
Kundalini Rising or Awakening and Twin Flames

7. Increase in synchronicity.

Synchronicities are events that occur near each other, implying a connection that is not just coincidence. These events are often interpreted as meaningful or significant events associated with mystical experiences. They can manifest as a string of happenings that appear to be directed by an external force, or higher power, leading to a sense of alignment and guidance. Many people view them as a sign of divine intervention, intuition or destiny.

8. Different perception of time and how time works.

In our 3D reality adhere to the concept of linear time which means events occur in sequential order with a definite past, present and future. As the Kundalini awakens you may start seeing past, present and future merged into one. (Where you may see all of your lives together.) This shift in perception indicates you and your twin flame are moving towards a higher level of consciousness.

9. Chakras become balanced

As chakras between twin flames become more balanced they will experience a sense of clarity, calmness and emotional stability. This allows them to feel more connected to the universe and experience a greater sense of purpose.

10. Become aligned with your soul’s purpose.

As your consciousness expands and you become more connected to your true self you may find your perspective on life changes and you discover your true soul’s purpose. This can bring a sense of deep fulfillment and happiness as you realize what you’re giving back to the world.

It’s important to note that Kundalini Awakening can be an intense process as it can reveal past traumas and emotions that need to be healed through inner work. However the end result is a great sense of peace, joy, purpose and contentment.

As your Kundalini awakens you will have a greater understanding of yourself, your twin flame and the world around you, which can lead to a deep sense of inner peace and fulfillment.

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