Twin Flame energy exchange occurs often on their journey together. This can happen before you and your twin flame meet for the first time. Some of these energy exchanges can be confusing, startling, and even alarming, especially if you’re not aware what’s really happening. Before you question your grip on reality, or if it is all in your head, here’s a list of signs you and your twin flame are exchanging energy.

11 Signs of Twin Flame Energy Exchange

1. Highs and lows of your own energy.

You may suddenly have so much energy you don’t know what to with it, or just as suddenly be completely depleted of all energy. These highs and lows can come out of nowhere, and change from one to the other as quickly as flipping a lightswitch.

2. A word, phrase or idea will come into your mind and won’t seem to leave.

It may be on a subject that is nothing you would normally be interested in or knowledgeable in, or something that has never crossed your mind before. When you speak with your twin flame, you may find they had been delving into this topic, or the two of you together will discover that these words, phrases or ideas came up for a reason for the both of you.

3. Mood swings or changes that come out of nowhere.

For instance, you may be in a foul mood for no real reason and are getting snippy with those around you, and you come to find out your twin flame just had a huge argument with someone at that time. If you can learn to recognize and master your energy exchanges, at times like that you can send a calming energy to your twin instead of you both being in a bad mood.

4. Intense sexual chemistry.

Many twin flame relationships are romantic, so another energy exchange is that of a sexual nature. In person, the chemistry is off the charts, but that same sexual intense energy can be exchanged when twin flames are apart. One twin could be fantasizing about the other and both become overwhelmed with passionate energy. There is also a very extraordinary energy exchange between twins flames when they’re intimate with one another.

5. Heart chakra warmth.

The heart chakra can switch on because of a twin flame energy exchange. You may feel a tingling in your chest, a fluttering, or even a overflowing feeling of warmth and this is very common between twin flames.

Signs of Twin Flame Energy Exchange

6. Feeling their presence.

In certain twin flame energy exchanges, you may sense your twin flame’s presence when they’re not there. You may also get images or flashes of where they are and what they’re doing at that moment. This is very similar to remote viewing.  Don’t question your sanity, it’s very common, and it’s happening for a reason. It may mean your twin flame is in crisis mode and needs you to reach out to them at that time, or there’s a message you’re meant to take from this energy exchange.

7. Dreams.

Dreams are another venue for twin flame energy exchanges. Prior to meeting a twin flame, or during a separation period, is when they most commonly occur. These happen for a reason. So please pay careful attention to any signs, symbols or any information you learn from these dreams. Although twin flames may not be communication in 3D, they exchange energy and communicate in the 5D through dreams.

8. You act out of character, or feel you were led to do something.

A twin flame energy exchange can make you feel drawn to contact them. And it can lead you to do something they want you to do without them asking. For instance, you may feel a sudden urge to take your car in for an oil change, when that was the furthest thing from your mind. The next time you talk to your twin flame they tell you they want you to take your car in for an oil change because they were worried it was way overdue.

9. Feeling pulled by the twin flame runner.

During a runner phase, there is an exchange of energy. The other twin feels pulled by the runner, which can set off the chaser dynamic. Not every twin flame follows through with the desire to chase that this energy exchange triggers, but many do.

10. Constant thoughts.

One of the most common twin flame energy exchange signs is constant thoughts of a twin flame. When one twin flame is thinking of the other, the exchange of energy goes back and forth until they both can think about one another obsessively.

11. Telepathy and empathy.

Have you and your twin flame either finished each other’s sentences or answered a question before it was even asked? Have you ever had the same idea, out of the blue, at the exact same time? There was a twin flame energy exchange between you in the form of telepathy that allowed you to communicate without speaking.

Twin flame energy exchanges can be both subtle and intense. They serve as a way for twins to balance their energies and can help deep their connection and spiritual journey together.

If you would rather view this on YouTube you may do so here Signs of Twin Flame Energy Exchange.

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